If you’re interested in commissioning me please send an email to [email protected], a DM on twitter (@theartofjuan) or a message on the Contact page, with the description of what you want me to draw. Provide as much references as possible, or detailed descriptions of your character. (Use googled images/inspiration boards on PINTEREST/google doc collection of a reference sheet if possible) Note that base prices usually refer to PERSONAL USE art commissions only! (Commercial pricing is found on the Terms of Service (TOS) page)

Please include the following information when sending your request:

  • YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR PAYPAL INVOICE (if different from your email )

  • COMMISSION TYPE (Character Portrait, Landscape / Environmental Artwork)

  • CHARACTER PERSONALITY (Important traits to consider for the image, please be concise)

  • CHARACTER PHYSICAL APPEARANCE (with images, if you have any, or describing species, skin/hair/eye color, hair style,body type, physical age, scars, tattoos, clothing style, general color theme, accessories and other important features)

  • LANDSCAPE / ENVIRONMENTAL FEATURES (with images, if you have any, or describing the environment in the image.)

  • Personal or Commercial Use: (If you're planning to use the commissioned art just for personal enjoyment/posting vs commercial use wherein you use the art in such that you earn money via sale of a product(s) using the art commissioned. Either the art itself or products the art will be printed/placed on.)

  • Please use Google doc/E-mail/Pinterest board and concise formatted descriptions of the character.

  • Optional: If you have a specific dimension in mind, please be sure to include that when you submit. Images are usually exported at high resolution for print purposes. Most images will either be exported in the PNG or JPEG file formats.

  • Once the information is finalized with your request I will then send you a PAYPAL INVOICE.

  • I will then inform you with the wait time your request will be on my work list and possible waiting time. I will only begin your art with at least 50% upfront and the rest paid after. You can also pay 100% upfront if you want.

  • You can keep track of the status of your commissioned work on my Trello online project management app.

  • Other payment methods: KoFI


  • Please be aware, commissions are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

  • First I will send you a low-res sketch with the pose/composition I’m going for, so you can approve it or suggest edits.

  • After the sketch is approved I’ll continue the commission while sending work in progress through your twitter/Discord/e-mail.

  • You can ask for CHANGES and edits while still in the SKETCHING STAGE ONLY (with a limit of 6 revisions), after the sketching stage I’ll charge extra for every change thereafter depending on the complexity of the request/revision.

  • I will email you the full resolution PNG piece once it’s finished. (if you want it in JPEG just tell me!)